Welcome to my site!

If you have landed here, chances are you have either met me, heard about me through word of mouth, or you're a current client.


I say this because I don't really advertise.  This is a part-time passion which comes with full-time responsibility; therefore, I like to keep my client list manageable so I can continue to provide the same quality service and response time as always.


To keep better track of my invoicing, I use FreshBooks accounting software, so you may pay online through that service, if you'd like.

Want to be your own web designer?  I love the classes put on by IWA and have been taking them for several years!  Check out online classes here:





Or check out WIX.com.  Super easy and a basic site is free.  www.wix.com

What's in a Name?




The "website" part?  That's simple. I create basic, inexpensive websites at an affordable price.  Feel free to look at my portfolio,  If you like what you see, surely we can work together toward bringing your website needs to life.





The "whatnot" includes other services I provide either in conjunction with or independent of your website needs, such as logo design and other graphic design work like flyers or business cards.



To have a working website up on the internet for your clients to visit, you MUST have 3 things no matter which company or designer you choose:



2) a one or more page WEBSITE,

3) and a HOST server.


Read more about these below.

Pick your website name!

Unfortunately, a lot of good domain names have already been scooped up by either enterprising companies or regular Joes looking to make a buck by turning around and selling them for WAY MORE than they bought them for. Now, don't get me wrong, you can pay $400 to $40,000 for your domain choice if you want, but domain names ACTUALLY COST roughly $12-14 a year to purchase, and that sounds like a much better price to me.


Hopefully, the name you want is available. Most people want a .com domain name because it's widely recognizable, but if the name you want .com (as in "www.mybusiness.com") is taken, sometimes .net or .biz is available, or sometimes abbreviations are the way to go. If that doesn't work for you, we will work toward a solution you can live with. Usually, you'll want to choose as short a name as possible, so that prospective clients don't get exhausted - or make errors - while trying to type it. Plus, as part of your website, you get a free e-mail address too, so you'll be tacking on a few more letters at the front to now be "[email protected]" or something like that, and the shorter the better when typing that out, trust me.


Point is, I charge $12 a year for your domain name because that's what I'm charged.

Site Design

You want a well-designed website that will present your company to current and prospective clients. Additionally, you will probably want to make tweaks or changes to it as months pass.


Basically, a simple one page website may cost between $125 to $150, a one time total. Yes, that's all. And in addition to the initial design and upload of the website to the world wide web, I will still be here for any additional help you may need. And what if you need a 5 or 6 page site? Depending on the style and information you need presented, the total cost for that could be only between $400 and $500.


This information is in the contract, but I'll state it here for those who don't like to read all that. The price for creating a website includes several minor tweaks that will be inevitable to get your site looking exactly the way you want it. Any additional work weeks or months down the line will be billed at $30 an hour - check around, this is a ridiculously low rate - and I always bill for less time than the work actually takes...I'm kind of a sap like that.


And don't forget, as part of your website, you get a free e-mail address too, for as many of your employees as you need!

Website Hosting

Ahhh, the last step!


You can have a nice website all designed and ready to be presented to clients, BUT unless you pay a hosting company to "display" it to the world on one of their servers, you will only see a blank screen or advertisement (a parked page) when you type in your website address.


I am able to provide reasonable hosting prices because I have purchased space on a shared server and the more sites I create, the less the cost is to you. Currently, I offer hosting at  $30 a year - that's less than $3 a month!  It's a bargain comparable to many other companies out there, and even better than most!


These are some of my current clients.   Click on the screen shot to visit their pages.


Not seeing something that you like?  Check with me.  Site design is frequently dictated by the product and the client's budget.  I will tell you up front if I do not have the time or skill set to achieve your design goals.


I used to include this entire contract on the webpage where you'd have to scroll and scroll and scroll to read it.  I think a succinct PDF fits better here.

Blank contract - 4 pages

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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